Useful phone numbers:

IT Support 1 (202) 513-2980


  1. login
  2. Move a file to the server by clicking on the Upload button, browsing to the file and clicking on the upload button.
  3. After the file has been uploaded it should be visible in the file list. Files can be sorted by Name, Size or Date Modified by clicking on the respective header.


Available FTP clients

While there are some Internet connection spots that block FTP traffic, if you are able to connect , it's much faster than using a Web Browser, because FTP stands for F ile T ransfer P rotocol. There are free and shareware FTP programs for Windows and MAC. The logins are the same to upload files by Web and FTP to our servers.

For Windows, Macintosh and Linux: please consider FileZilla, a free, open source FTP program. Download at

Please send email to itsupport ( ) or phone itsupport at 1 (202) 513-2980 for help with any problems or questions regarding this server.